​118 W. 2nd Street PO BOX 190 Calumet, OK 73014     P: 405-893-2323  E: townclerk@townofcalumetok.com

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Police Department

118 W. Second Street | PO Box 190 | Calumet, OK 73014

The Calumet Police Department is dispatched by the 

Canadian County Sheriff's Department:405-262-3434

Police Chief: Robert Baysinger 405-850-7143

Police Lieutenant: Jerry Goodwin 405-826-2026

FT Officers: Aubrey Massey

Reserve Officers: Bruce Wallace

School Resource Officers: Douglas Miller

Emergency Phone: 911 

Fire Department

116 W. Main Street | PO Box 190 | Calumet, OK 73014

Fire Chief: Terry Brungardt

Emergency Phone: 911

Non Emergency Phone: 405-203-2114

Bulk Water

Fire Department 116 W. Main 

Coin Machine accepts quarters, one dollar and five dollar bills

$0.02 / gallon

As of December 1, 2020 the Town of Calumet received an improved Public Protection Classification rating through Insurance Services Office. This rating evaluates the effectiveness of the Fire Department, Water Department, and Emergency Communications; the new rating is 05/5y. The change in this rating may improve homeowner’s insurance costs. PPC Rating Sheet

Calumet Public Works Authority
Bruce Wallace, Director of Operations/Water Superintendent 405-669-6232 or 405-205-7803
Johnny Sanchez, Water Operator 405-202-5761

Adam Tarver, Water Operator 405-534-6978

Water, Sewer, Garbage Service: Requires $150.00 deposit

Take deposit, Drivers License or FEIN, and account information to Town Hall at 118 W. Second

New Water/Sewer/Garbage Service Packet

Utility Rates

Nicole Lawless, Town Clerk and Deputy Treasurer 405-893-2323

Tracy Davis, Deputy Clerk and Court Clerk 405-893-2323


Mickey Stratton 405-893-2323

​​​Municipal Judge
Ken Dominic 

Town Attorney
Joe Weaver, Bass Law Group

Request for Record Inspection

Take completed form to Town Hall at 118 W. Second. or send via email to townclerk@townofcalumetok.com 


For all permits and licenses, take appropriate forms, information, and fees to the Calumet Town Hall at 118 W. Second St. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money order or Credit Card. 

A Zoning Clearance Permit must be submitted first, it will be approved or denied within 3 days. After the Zoning Clearance Permit is approved a Building Permit may be submitted. A Building Permit is not accepted until it is complete and payment has been made. If you have any questions, please call 405-893-2323

Zoning Clearance Permit  Section 12-296

Building Permit: ​Section 5-115 Construction must begin within 6 months of issuance

Fees: Residential:       .04/ sq ft or Minimum $12.00 + $4.00 state fee

           Commercial:     .12/sq ft  or Minimum $12.00 + $4.00 state fee

New Construction Water Tap Fee:  Section 17-108 Increased by motion 1-4-17

Residential within town limits:  5/8 inch- 1 inch: $500.00 + bore charge

Commercial:  1 1/2 inch $1350.00 + bore charge 1 inch: $1700.00 + bore charge

Rural: $2500.00 + bore charge + (cost+10%) of additional materials if needed

New Construction Sewer Tap Fee: Sections 17-304 and 17-306 $300.00

All businesses for Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, and Roofing must register their business with the town of calumet and obtain a Town License prior to performing any work within town limits. Construction Industries Registration - Fee $50.00/year & $25.00 renewal. 

A job permit is required for all Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, and Roofing services performed within town limits - see forms. Fee - $20.00/Job

​Alcoholic Beverage Permit Fees, Chapter 1 Sec 3-103:

Retail Spirits: $900.00

Retail Beer: $500.00

Retail Wine: $1,000.00

On-Premises Beer & Wine: $500.00

Mixed Beverage: $1,000.00

Marijuana Permit Fees, Chapter 2 Sec 9-201:

Retail Sales: $500.00

Grower: $1,000.00

Processor: $1,500.00

UTV Permit: Proof of Insurance Required  Fee: $25 

Animal Registration and License: Sections 4-107 and 4-108

Proof of Rabies Vaccination Required  Fee: $6.00   Lost Tag: $3.00   

Solicitation Permit License Tax on Certain Occupations: Section 9-101

Itinerant person, agent, or solicitor selling, offering for sale, taking orders for, auctioning, or offering to take orders for goods products, wares, etc.

Fees: $25.00 per day or  $50.00 per year

Permit expires at sunset of the date issued. Permit holder must check in at Town Hall daily.

Drilling Permit Fee: Section 5-706 

$7500.00 Expires one year from date of issuance.

Pipeline Permit ApplicationFee: Section 5-901

Up to 5,000 Linear Feet - $2,500.00

Each additional linear foot - .25/foot

Pipeline Permit Fee:

Up to 5,000 Linear Feet - $2,500.00
Each additional linear foot - .25/foot

Calumet Cemetery Increased by motion 10-6-15

Single Lot: $500.00

Family Plot of 4 graves: $2,000.00

Family Plot of 8 graves: $4,000.00

Request for Grave Site Marking and Burial Permit

Take completed form to Town Hall at 118 W. Second. or send via email to townclerk@townofcalumetok.com 

Copier Fee: $0.25 per page

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